What can you do in 4 minutes or less?

It's All About Time
Have you ever said "I don't have time for that."

Well now you have time to:

Make fudge,
Do a complete workout,
Learn Japanese,
Get inspired,
And much more,

In 4 minutes or less
2 Minute Fudge
NCAA 3 Minute Drill


At 4MinutesOrLess.com we have devoted our time to showing you the value of 4 minutes.
Look through our pages to see how you can be more procutive, less stressed or just entertained. We have recipes, music, money advice and up to the minute news. We probably have a bunch of other stuff too. We keep changing things around when we find cool stuff.
1 minute and 40 seconds of laughter
How can you not feel better after that?
Beatbox Cook
How do he do dat?

Dedicated to all of those things that can be done in 4 minutes or less.

What you can do in 4 minutes or less?

Let us know. If you can change the oil in your car, make a meal, clean a room, build a website, eat a watermellon...You get the idea...in 4 minutes, let us know.

Show us a video or write up the instructions and you might just get linked here.
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Here's what Madonna does in 4 minutes.